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iScot Orkney News cartoon Toyanka Wastelander Martin Laird

Cataclysmic climate change? Just roll with it! The all-new Toyanka Wastelander. Gas-guzzling SUV driver throws rubbish at a walker while potentially fatally close-passing a cyclist.

A Gude Cause poster A4 v2

poster for A Gude Cause Maks A Strong Erm, the story of the Orcadian Woman’s Suffrage Society. Showing at the Phoenix Cinema in the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall, alongside selected films from 5th to 11th of March.

pineapple gammons banana kakistocracy martin laird

Two pigs in yellow vests beating up a black sheep which a grinning skeleton in a top hat looks on. Gammon is Great. The flag of the United Kakistocracy is a banana on a brown field next to a pink, yellow and brown union jack design.

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