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  • Another Earl Murdered

    Another Earl Murdered

    Another Earl Murdered This illustration was created for an Orkney News article about the famed 11th Century Orcadian, Earl Thorfinn the Mighty. Thorfinn’s advisor Thorkell Forester murdered rival Earl Einar Wrymouth by stabbing him with a sword and then pushing him into the fireplace after a feast. An Icelandic warrior named Hallvard then pulled him…

  • Passing the Standard

    Passing the Standard

    Passing the Standard Loosely inspired by stories in Norse mythology about the Raven Banner, which brought victory to the army but death to the standard-bearer. A Highlander carrying a saltire is stabbed in the back. A young girl reaches for the banner amid a sea of jeering men. For additional context you may wish to…

  • The Stronsay Limpet

    The Stronsay Limpet

    Orcadian Stories – Bruce Fletcher: The Stronsay Limpet Bruce Fletcher is the editor of The Stronsay Limpet, a newsletter for the people living on the island of Stronsay in Orkney. Bruce was interviewed for Orcadian Stories, as series of short films which were produced by Martin Laird for The Orkney News for Scotland’s Year of…