The New Adventures of Saint Magnus in the 22nd Century. "I now appear in these degenerate days, when virtue's fled and vice triumphant sways." Words attributed to St. Magnus by an anonymous poet, 1773. In post-apocalyptic Orkney Saint Magnus roams the land slaying the cannibal humans.

The New Adventures of St Magnus

The New Adventures of Saint Magnus in the 22nd Century Magnus Erlendsson was beatified as a Saint due to his pacifism in life, and death by martyrdom. During the Battle of Menai Straits, which was a Viking raid on Wales, Magnus had refused to fight, staying aboard ship to pray instead. He was eventually murdered […]

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Alexander Graham protesting unfair tax levied on Stromness, standing behind a wealthy Kirkwall burgher with a protest placard.

Alexander Graham

Alexander Graham v. the Royal Burgh of Kirkwall Alexander Graham was a merchant who lived in Stromness, Orkney, in the 18th Century. At the time Stromness was growing from a tiny fishing village to a sizeable town due to its convenient location on the North Atlantic trade routes. This put it in competition with the […]

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King James VI with the head of Patrick Stewart, Earl of Orkney, who was beheaded for treason. Acrylic, 2020.

James VI & Earl Patrick Stewart

King James VI with the head of Earl Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart was second Earl of Orkney and Zetland (Shetland) from the 1590s until his execution for treason in 1615. He was first imprisoned, and later beheaded, by King James VI of Scotland (who was also James I of England). As Earl of the Northern […]

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