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  • Passing the Standard

    Passing the Standard

    Passing the Standard Loosely inspired by stories in Norse mythology about the Raven Banner, which brought victory to the army but death to the standard-bearer. A Highlander carrying a saltire is stabbed in the back. A young girl reaches for the banner amid a sea of jeering men. For additional context you may wish to…

  • The Road to Deepdale

    The Road to Deepdale

    “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” Joseph Heller, Catch-22 The Road to Deepdale The Deepdale Monster was almost certainly a dead basking shark which washed up on the rocky shore of Deepdale Bay in Holm, Orkney, in 1941. Today Deepdale Bay is polluted with an unusually large amount of plastic trash…

  • The Patron Saint of Cringe

    The Patron Saint of Cringe

    Andrew: the patron saint of Scottish Cringe This cartoon was created to accompany the Orkney News article in the November 2018 edition of iScot magazine. The article is about St Andrew’s Fair Saturday 2018, which is a day of events promoting positive social change throughout the world. It is a response to the unsustainable consumerism embodied…