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  • Alexander Graham

    Alexander Graham

    Alexander Graham v. the Royal Burgh of Kirkwall Alexander Graham was a merchant who lived in Stromness, Orkney, in the 18th Century. At the time Stromness was growing from a tiny fishing village to a sizeable town due to its convenient location on the North Atlantic trade routes. This put it in competition with the…

  • Yellow Cake Revisted

    Yellow Cake Revisted

    Yellow Cake Revisited: Peter Maxwell Davies and the Orkney anti-uranium mining campaign.

  • For Whom does the Wind Blow?

    For Whom does the Wind Blow?

    Orkney is a windy place and can generate more power than it needs from its many wind turbines. Unfortunately the energy distribution network is not set up to take advantage of this. There is currently no easy way to export surplus electricity, and the price tariffs energy suppliers impose on consumers penalise people living in…