The New Adventures of Saint Magnus in the 22nd Century. "I now appear in these degenerate days, when virtue's fled and vice triumphant sways." Words attributed to St. Magnus by an anonymous poet, 1773. In post-apocalyptic Orkney Saint Magnus roams the land slaying the cannibal humans.

The New Adventures of St Magnus

The New Adventures of Saint Magnus in the 22nd Century Magnus Erlendsson was beatified as a Saint due to his pacifism in life, and death by martyrdom. During the Battle of Menai Straits, which was a Viking raid on Wales, Magnus had refused to fight, staying aboard ship to pray instead. He was eventually murdered […]

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Reflections of light rippling on the shallow beach on Egilsay, with clumps of seaweed visible. Rousay in the background blurred by depth of field.

Pilgrimage to Egilsay

Pilgrimage to Egilsay Egilsay is a small, sparsely populated island in Orkney, where the people seem to be heavily outnumbered by the horse-flies. There are a few small farms which face an uncertain future as Brexit threatens the EU farming subsidies they depend on for survival. Part of Egilsay is a protected habitat for the […]

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someone elses head st magnus cathedral skull martin scott laird

Someone Else’s Head

Someone else’s head Someone else’s head is a screen print of St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney. It is in two halves, which are partially mirrored but not the same. Each half contains one colour that the other does not. St. Magnus Cathedral is juxtaposed with a neolithic skull and paint splatters. The meaning of […]

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