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  • Gammon is Great

    Gammon is Great

    Pineapple Gammons in the Banana Kakistocracy Gammon is Great! Pineapple Gammons in yellow vests take back control of the Great Banana United Kakistocracy, under the approving gaze of a Skeleton Lord. Kakistocracy is defined as government by the worst people. The Banana Kakistocracy is an undemocratic totalitarian state run by incompetent psychopaths with delusional levels…

  • Pilgrimage to Egilsay

    Pilgrimage to Egilsay

    Pilgrimage to Egilsay Egilsay is a small, sparsely populated island in Orkney, where the people seem to be heavily outnumbered by the horse-flies. There are a few small farms which face an uncertain future as Brexit threatens the EU farming subsidies they depend on for survival. Part of Egilsay is a protected habitat for the…

  • Orkney Library receives a surprise visit

    Orkney Library receives a surprise visit

    Since 2012, as a result of the ideological austerity programme being pursued by the Conservative Government at Westminster, at least 449 public libraries have closed across the UK. Scotland did not vote for this. The Scottish Government has to spend valuable time and resources trying to mitigate Tory cuts within the limits of a budget…