Someone Else’s Head

screen print called "someone else's head" of st magnus cathedral skull martin scott laird
Someone else’s head. Screen print, 70x54cm, 2017.

Someone else’s head

Someone else’s head is a screen print of St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney. It is in two halves, which are partially mirrored but not the same. Each half contains one colour that the other does not.

St. Magnus Cathedral is juxtaposed with a neolithic skull and paint splatters. The meaning of this is open to interpretation. The print run consisted of 19 limited edition prints in total.

Someone else’s head will be on display, framed and for sale, in the Old Library in Kirkwall, until Christmas.

2 comments on “Someone Else’s Head

  • Matthew C Weiss says:

    I like this one quite a bit. Do you have any of the prints left?

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