cracked bastion, lino-cut martin scott laird 2017

Cracked bastion

Cracked bastion Cracked bastion is a lino-cut print inspired by the ruined wartime fortifications and twisted, wind-blasted trees which can be found throughout Orkney. This print will be on display (and for sale) in the Christmas open exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, from the 18th of November to the 23rd of December, […]

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someone elses head st magnus cathedral skull martin scott laird

Someone Else’s Head

Someone else’s head Someone else’s head is a screen print of St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney. It is in two halves, which are partially mirrored but not the same. Each half contains one colour that the other does not. St. Magnus Cathedral is juxtaposed with a neolithic skull and paint splatters. The meaning of […]

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