Orkney Doors Open Days 2020

Orkney Doors Open Days 2020

Artists from Orkney were invited to take part in the annual series of Doors Open Days events taking place across Scotland. This year events are online only due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In the following video you can watch a short overview of my studio working environment, materials, tools and methods. This covers traditional artistic media, as well as the digital realm. Artists and designers tend to prefer Apple computers and Adobe software, but I use free and open-source software (often abbreviated to FOSS) on a Linux-based PC, and I talk a little about the reasons for this and the benefits it provides.

My studio is not somewhere that would normally be open to the public, and the contents of my sketchbooks are very personal and private, so I hope you enjoy this brief tour.


The Doors Open Days organisation is looking for feedback on this year’s events. If you find my contribution interesting you can let them know by completing a visitor survey at the following link (by the end of October 18th): https://www.doorsopendays.org.uk/hosting/doors-open-days-venue-survey-2020/

The full listing of Doors Open Days 2020 events in Orkney can be found here: https://www.doorsopendays.org.uk/find-a-building/?area=7524.

I have also been busy making short Doors Open Days films for The Orkney News and NHS Orkney. The Orkney News video presented an interesting editing challenge as it was created from contributions from other people which varied widely in tone and content! Many thanks to Eamonn Keyes for providing music which pulled it all together nicely. This film is online now at https://youtu.be/lwf1irWWZBU.

Two videos were made for NHS Orkney – one covering the art collection at the new Balfour Hospital in general, and another focusing on Samantha Clark’s Flow wave wall centrepiece, so if art is your interest I recommend giving them a watch. Thanks to Paul Dews aka How far to Hitchin for providing music for these films, which again set the tone perfectly in my opinion.