Rebel Orkney (Hardcover book)

Rebel Orkney: Tales of insurrection from Orcadian history. An illustrated history book written by Fiona Grahame (editor of The Orkney News), with illustrations and photographs by Orcadian artist Martin Laird. The book begins with the betrayal and martyrdom of St. Magnus in 1118, and takes the reader on a journey through time which ends with…


Rebel Orkney is available in eBook and Hardcover formats from all good booksellers. It is stocked locally in Orkney at (appropriately enough) the J. Gow Rum distillery and Orkney Wine Company shop on Lamb Holm, and is also available to order from Grooves Records and Stromness Books & Prints. Suggested retailer for online buyers is Blackwell’s.

95 pages, full colour illustrated hardback.

First published by The Orkney News Ltd. in 2021.

ISBN 978-1-9196105-0-4

“This is an absolute page turner of a book that exquisitely educates, entertains and informs in equal measure the relatively little known stories of Orkney and of several notorious and delightfully glorious Orcadians. Beautifully crafted and sumptuously illustrated throughout, this thoughtfully designed work of art and labour of love from Fiona Grahame and Martin Laird is an absolutely captivating read and would make the ideal quality gift for friends and family of all ages.”

Ken McDonald, Managing Editor, iScot Magazine.

“Rebel Orkney is a book of fascinating true stories illustrated with remarkable pictures and photographs. Martin Laird has captured the extravagant, almost unbelievable quality of the tales Fiona Grahame has re-told.

This lovely book, suitable for both curious adults and children, returns us to a time before ‘history’ when recounting what had happened in the past was the essence of storytelling.”

Cary Welling, Curator, Northlight Gallery, Stromness.

“Orkney is steeped in history, everyone knows that, right? Orkney is also the place of storytellers who spin yarns of yore that keep that history alive and kicking for new generations. And Orkney Islanders are renowned for being resourceful rebels that have stories worth telling. With Rebel Orkney, Fiona Grahame and Martin Laird combine a deft phrase, stunning images and a twist of humour to bring history right bang up to date for those in the know and to open eyes to wondrous old knowledge for those who are new to the ways of Orcadians.”

Emma Gee, Arts Officer, Orkney Islands Council (and relative newcomer to these incredible Isles).



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