Neolithic Skull Projection

A dark black and white photo of a standing stone at the ring of brodgar with a neolithic skull projected onto it.
Neolithic skull projection, 2014.

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To make this image, a photograph of a neolithic skull taken at the Tomb of the Eagles in South Ronaldsay, Orkney, was transferred to a slide. It was then projected onto a standing stone at the Ring of Brodgar using an old camera lens and a high-powered torch. The photograph is a long exposure intended to blur the clouds and create a sense of the passage of time.

The inspiration for this technique came from German artist Julius Von Bismarck, who created a clever device called the image fulgurator. His patented design looks much like a normal camera, but works in reverse. It has the potential to interfere with flash photography and add unexpected light graffiti into other people’s photographs!