Assipattle wi a pot o’ paet

The red-haired seventh son Assipattle dressed in a dirty green shirt, holding a poker and a pot of burning peat, which he will use against the Stoor Worm, a monster which towers over him.
Assipattle wi’ a pot o’ paet. 420x297mm. Watercolour & black ink, 2018.


Assipattle wi’ a pot o’ paet

In the folklore of the Northern Isles, Orkney, Shetland, and the Faroes were created from the teeth of the monstrous Stoor Worm, which was slain by the unlikely hero Assipattle. It’s body became Iceland.

Assipattle was a farm hand, and a feckless, lazy dreamer. He would lie by the fire and get covered in soot and ash. The Stoor Worm belched smoke, and was defeated by Assipattle using a lump of burning peat. Fossil fuel seems to play an important part in the story.

For his efforts, Assipattle was rewarded with marriage to Princess Gem-De-Lovely, and went on to become King.