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  • I ken whaur ye bide, beuy

    I ken whaur ye bide, beuy

    “I ken whaur ye bide, beuy.“ This cartoon was drawn to accompany Fiona Grahame’s The Orkney News column in iScot magazine for December 2017. The subject of the article is the problem of goose management in Orkney, but the cartoon has a different subtext. It was inspired by a recent incident of racial abuse in…

  • Proud Scot James Boswell

    Proud Scot James Boswell

    James Boswell is a historical figure who apparently suffered from a little Scottish cultural cringe himself, and who evokes a cringe of a different kind today. Boswell was a writer, best known for his biography “Life of Samuel Johnson,” published in 1791. Johnson hated the Scots. Amongst other things he is reputed to have said…