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  • Headhunter (antisyzygy)

    Headhunter (antisyzygy)

    Headhunter (antisyzygy) Headhunter (antisyzygy) is a painting inspired by the extreme survival story of Orcadian Jack Renton, who is sometimes called “The White Headhunter.” Renton was a 19th Century seaman from Stromness who was ‘Shanghai’d’ (abducted) and eventually marooned in the South Seas, drifting for thousands of miles with a few other deserters from the…

  • HMS Pheasant 1917

    HMS Pheasant 1917

    The Orkney News team are seeking funding to make a documentary focussing on the untold story of the crew of HMS Pheasant, lost during WW1 off Orkney.