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  • Manish Buoy

    Manish Buoy

    Manish Buoy Manish Buoy with a bad case of the Blues (respect to Muddy Waters). A Kelpie (or Njuggle) haunts troubled waters during a solar eclipse. Tuesday is likely to be just as bad. Buoy, spelt B EU Y.

  • Exhibition – Njuggles

    Exhibition – Njuggles

    Njuggles (aka Kelpies) at Northlight For two weeks commencing 1st November 2020, an exhibition of Njuggles (aka Kelpies) can be seen at Northlight Gallery in Stromness. As the gallery is currently not open to the public due to Covid-19 restrictions, work is showing in the windows. The exhibition can be viewed from the street. In…