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iscot orkney news st andrew cringe cartoon martin laird

The Patron Saint of Cringe. Cartoon for the November 2018 edition of iScot magazine. Pen, ink & gouache. The crucifixion of Andrew on a saltire-shaped cross. He supposedly felt that the crucifix should be reserved for Jesus.

iscot orkney news straw man cartoon martin laird small

Revenge of the Straw Man, cartoon for the October 2018 edition of iScot magazine. Pen, ink & gouache. An Orkney farmer repeating fallacious arguments about Scottish independence. A straw man is about to throttle his own creator.

iscot orkney news st magnus cartoon martin laird

Magnus Erlendsson prays while the cook prepares to kill him. His cousin Haakon says “Your’re too nice Magnus. You’ve got to go!” Cartoon for iScot Magazine & The Orkney News.

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