Loch Lomond in December

Loch Lomond in December

These photos were taken around sunrise on two consecutive mornings on Loch Lomond. Both days were calm and relatively clear, but cold and frosty.

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loch lomond tree frosty rock bw martin scott laird

A black and white photograph of a rock and trees on the shore of Loch Lomond, with waves created by a kayak.

loch lomond log shore frost martin scott laird

Loch Lomond with hills wreathed in clouds and a large washed-up log in the foreground

loch lomond still reflection martin scott laird

Long exposure of some wooden pillars sticking out of the waters of Loch Lomond.

loch lomond jetty sunrise martin scott laird

Photo of Loch Lomond at sunrise with a silhouette of trees and a jetty in the foreground.

ben lomond loch sunrise martin scott laird

Ben Lomond at sunrise, with its top in the clouds

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