The Fairy Dance at the Loft Gallery

The Fairy Dance exhibition of animation artwork at the Workshop and Loft Gallery in St. Margaret’s Hope, Orkney.

The Fairy Dance - animation artwork by Martin Laird on show at the Loft Gallery in St Margarets Hope from 28th August to 28th September 2021.
The Fairy Dance exhibition poster.

From the 28th of August until the 28th of September, the Workshop and Loft Gallery in St. Maragaret’s Hope, Orkney will be showing artwork from Martin Laird’s upcoming animation The Fairy Dance (along with a few other things!)

‘The Fairy Dance’ is an adaptation of an Orcadian folk tale about a fiddler who entertains the mound-dwelling, music-loving “peerie folk.” As with the legends about faeries found throughout Europe, such creatures can be dangerous. Entering into a bargain with them can have unforseen consequences.

The short animated film takes its name from a traditional Scottish fiddle tune first written down by Nathanial Gow in the 18th Century. The animation was made possible with an award from VACMA. Thanks to Orkney Islands Council, Creative Scotland and Highlands and Islands Enterprise for the support.

Thanks also to the Workshop and Loft Gallery for hosting this exhibition. There you can also find hand-made local goods and knitwear from the craft workshop.

For more information on The Fairy Dance, to watch preview video and to sign up to be informed of its release, visit

The Loft Gallery - the Fairy Dance exhibition being set up with the aid of a manic roddler assistant.
The Fairy Dance at the Loft Gallery.