Power For Us

Power For Us. The people of Scotland should control their own destiny and resources. End London Rule. End Fuel Poverty. Independence for Power over Energy.
Power For Us. The people of Scotland should control their own destiny and resources. End London Rule. End Fuel Poverty. Independence for Scotland. #YesScots #ScottishIndependence #DissolveTheUnion #EndLondonRule

Power For Us.

Orkney can generate 100% of it’s own power from renewable sources – so much that wind turbines are turned off due to the surplus, and yet Orcadians pay the highest electricity prices in the UK and suffer some of the highest rates of fuel poverty. There are no island tariffs to reflect the reality of the changes renewable energy has meant for the power distribution network. The whole system is backwards, and prices are now spiraling out of control in a scary manner due in large part to the grotesque injustice of Westminster policies.

When it comes to renewable energy Orkney is an extreme example, but such injustice is reflected throughout Scotland. It is the result of a democratic deficit.

The Scottish Government does not control energy policy – that power is reserved to Westminster. The MP for Orkney and Shetland failed to improve the situation even whilst a cabinet member in David Cameron’s Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition government. There is little hope if Scotland remains within the UK and under the control of Westminster government.

Even in 2014 control over Energy was a compelling argument for Scottish independence. It is now an urgent necessity.

Energy Rich: Fuel Poor

For more information on why an energy rich country, Scotland, is suffering enormous price rises and high levels of fuel poverty, read the following article by Fiona Grahame on The Orkney News: Energy Rich: Fuel Poor.

The areas which produce the most energy pay the highest prices to supply it back to their own homes and businesses. Inequality is built into the system which is becoming more and more obviously broken as millions will have to choose between heating and eating whilst looking out over the whirling blades of wind turbines.

Fiona Grahame, The Orkney News

A Nationwide campaign

The Power For Us poster was created in association with a non-party-political National campaign for Scottish Independence.

Design © Martin Scott Laird, 2022.

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Power for the People - End Fuel Poverty - Orcadian Trows assaulting a wind turbine, flying on simmans and dock leaves.
Power for the People. Pencil drawing on Bristol Board, 2021.