Outward and Visible signs of Imperial Power used at the Coronation of the British Sovereign.

Coronation collage made from 1935 jubilee and 1953 coronation souvenir memorabilia. Charles' angry face is made from ermine and velvet. He is passing through a series of gilt picture frames holding an orb and sceptre in his sausage fingers. The background is a torn mess of royalist propaganda photographs showing soldiers, parades, coaches, etc.
Outward and Visible Signs of Imperial Power used at the Coronation of the British Sovereign. Collage, 2023.

This collage was created to commemorate the coronation of Charles Windsor, a despicable display of grotesque opulence by the unelected head of the British establishment at a time when this evil regime is driving people ever further into poverty. At the time of writing, people objecting to this obscene display are being arrested before they have even begun to exert their right to peaceful protest.

The idea that the United Kingdom is a functioning democracy is a sick joke.

The collage is made from vintage souvenir books and memorabilia from the 1935 silver jubilee of George V and the 1953 coronation of Elizabeth I (as she was in Scotland.) The torn background is made from photographs and drawings showing the military pomp and circumstance that accompanies these events.

Charles’ red, angry face is constructed from ermine and velvet. He is augmented with pictures of sausages and reptile eyes from an old encyclopedia, and seen passing through a series of ornate gilt frames. “A most picturesque feature of the coronation”, as one of the captions reads.

Despite enjoying little public support, Charles Windsor may be King of Scots, however he will never be King of Scotland. The people are sovereign.

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