"We're not in Deepdale anymore", A Monster of The Crown. A giant winged sea lion with a whale tail and five tentacles with eyes eyeballing a broken statue of the Lady of Justice. A young girl stand in the rusty gateway of Her Majesty's Government and waves a saltire in its face.

The Road to Deepdale

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” Joseph Heller, Catch-22 The Road to Deepdale The Deepdale Monster was almost certainly a dead basking shark which washed up on the rocky shore of Deepdale Bay in Holm, Orkney, in 1941. Today Deepdale Bay is polluted with an unusually large amount of plastic trash […]

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"Post-ironic Salmond Love." Hot pink portrait of Alex Salmond, derived from a photograph taken moments after he had uttered the words "I love you."

Post-Ironic Salmond Love

Post-ironic Salmond Love From Saturday 13th to Friday 26th March, Northlight Gallery in Stromness will be showing (in the windows only) work for The Great Big Art Exhibition 2021, on the themes of Animals, Portraits, Colour and Humour. This exhibition, organised by https://firstsite.uk/, aims to be the largest art exhibition ever held. It is open […]

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The New Adventures of Saint Magnus in the 22nd Century. "I now appear in these degenerate days, when virtue's fled and vice triumphant sways." Words attributed to St. Magnus by an anonymous poet, 1773. In post-apocalyptic Orkney Saint Magnus roams the land slaying the cannibal humans.

The New Adventures of St Magnus

The New Adventures of Saint Magnus in the 22nd Century Magnus Erlendsson was beatified as a Saint due to his pacifism in life, and death by martyrdom. During the Battle of Menai Straits, which was a Viking raid on Wales, Magnus had refused to fight, staying aboard ship to pray instead. He was eventually murdered […]

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