The Fairy Dance - animation artwork by Martin Laird on show at the Loft Gallery in St Margarets Hope from 28th August to 28th September 2021.

The Fairy Dance at the Loft Gallery

The Fairy Dance exhibition of animation artwork at the Workshop and Loft Gallery in St. Margaret’s Hope, Orkney. From the 28th of August until the 28th of September, the Workshop and Loft Gallery in St. Maragaret’s Hope, Orkney will be showing artwork from Martin Laird’s upcoming animation The Fairy Dance (along with a few other […]

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Fiona Grahame & Martin Laird at Bragi's Open Circle, with standing stones at the Kristin Linklater voice centre, Orkney.

Rebel Orkney book launch

Rebel Orkney – book launch at Bragi’s Open Circle Fiona Grahame and I are proud to announce the publication of Rebel Orkney, an illustrated history book published by Orkney News Ltd. and distributed by Ingram. Subtitled “tales of insurrection from Orcadian history”, Rebel Orkney tells the story of some of those who dared to stand […]

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Memories of Pirate Gow, a digital photomontage showing Gow's Folly aka the Groatie Hoose combined with childhood project book drawings.

Memories of Pirate Gow

Memories of Pirate Gow Memories of Pirate Gow is an artwork comprised of digital drawing and photomontage. It is inspired by the story of the infamous Orcadian Pirate John Gow and the unusual structure known as Gow’s Folly (or the Groatie Hoose), which was constructed using ballast material from his ship. As I studied this […]

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