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  • Passing the Standard

    Passing the Standard

    Passing the Standard Loosely inspired by stories in Norse mythology about the Raven Banner, which brought victory to the army but death to the standard-bearer. A Highlander carrying a saltire is stabbed in the back. A young girl reaches for the banner amid a sea of jeering men. For additional context you may wish to…

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  • Blackening


    I Once Loved A Lass (Orkney Blackening) The following images are video still-frames showing Orcadian weddings and blackenings taking place around the Merkit Cross and St Magnus Cathedral on Broad Street in Kirkwall. These events feature in a forthcoming music video produced for Sikkersnapper – an arrangement of the ancient ballad I Once Loved A…

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  • Coronation


    Outward and Visible signs of Imperial Power used at the Coronation of the British Sovereign. This collage was created to commemorate the coronation of Charles Windsor, a despicable display of grotesque opulence by the unelected head of the British establishment at a time when this evil regime is driving people ever further into poverty. At…

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